Be Careful Mr D A...

Be careful Mr. D A be careful what you say for you may wake up a changed man one day. You say you don't like black people you don't like them anyway? No matter if they are not hurting you no matter what they say? Does it not matter what they do? What if you woke up one day and you looked exactly that way? The hunter chases the bear who pretects her family You chase the person who seems to be doing the same to me. You chase without mercy or thinking what you do and only corner the person who has nothing to do with you. The bear will fight for her very life she will attack when in struggle or strife The person will attack in other ways yes he will use magic, love, truth and justice. You Mr. DA are a terrible man for going after someone just because you can and I hope you know that's not in God's plan for you to persecute someone so kind, I hope you see what you're doing thru that very person's mind. By Tami L. Cook...

Praying for the Light

I'm sitting here praying in the dark of night hoping for Michael Jackson to be alright I am hoping he will win this awful fight. I pray for Vindication and Truth's golden light. I pray to God above that all is not lost, I hope Michael's name is restored despite the many costs hope he can come back better than ever to write his music for which he's so clever. I want him to dance in his angelic light I want him to know he's still in our sight. I want to tell him I love him so, but I'm hoping he already knows and everday my love for him grows. I will stand by his side I won't run or hide, for Michael Jackson has been my guide from the dark to the light and way for beyond, and I need him to continue and carry on as he sings and he dances to the magical song. He's waited for vindication and it's been too long in coming to him, for he's done NO WRONG. I'm sitting here praying tonight, praying for truth to come and show light on the evil that's done to this precious person. I love Micael Jackson and I need him to be alright, so I pray to God for Vindication's golden light. By Tami L. Cook..

Moonlit Figure....

The Moon is high in the sky Glowing Burning like a lit match Burning like my want for you I see you in the window Your moonlit figure I hear the rustle of your clothing Dropping to the carpet Your white skin seems to glow in the moonlight Your moonlit figure beckons me I can feel your warm breath against my face as your moonlit figure draws me closer I cannot see your eyes,but i can feel them More than i feel your hands moving across my body Your moonlit figure is now against mine. My cool skin warms next to your hot Moonlit figure The moon has you in its eyes as we "moonwalk" together We dance in the moonlight Iam at peace and yet tired at the end of this dance Your moonlit figure is misty with perspiration The sun is now rearing its sleepy head and the moon has made its Descent The Night is over and day has broken But night will soon return as will your lovely Moonlit figure. By Tiffeny Butler...

My Star Vision! My favorite Musician! Michael J. Jackson!

I hear your heart beat In your Music. Listen, listen as you sing! Movement into your Dance, What a wonderful Thing. Could we meet by chance? Oh, silly me, Playing around with my fantasy, AGAIN! Fantasy by my own hand, yes! But in Dreamland, I see you there Michael, A Place where Night Time Begins. Will you be there again? And when I awake, My Thoughts yearn, for your lovely face. Memories of your gender help me surrender, To a Place, Where Daylight begins. Dreamland I say my good-byes. And as the Morning Sunrises, A new day, begins. I carry with me, A cradled vision of your lovely Jackson smile; As you are now, Even when you were a Child. The Light glistens the mellows of our grace, Where ever our home, village, castle, our place. We've came together, In the winds of our earths embrace. Michael, I Thank you! For bringing colors into my dreams. Our Dreamland. Your Universe Has Risen. You are loved by wonder vision. The Master of Teachers, My uttered words, If met by your eyes; They will become, Songbirds. Michael, You are Dreamed Of. Michael, You are thought Of. You are pure reality You are; My Star Vision! My favorite Musician! Michael J. Jackson! By Eve - The Music Lady..

Michael is like A Flower!!

Michael is like A Flower: Gentle,beautiful,and a sheer pleasure to have around When in a room,he makes it considerably brighter And makes wherever he goes a more enjoyable place to be Michael is like a flower: Delicate And Often needed just to make life more manageable and Happy Michael's purpose, like a flower, Is to make people smile.. By Tiffeny Butler....

Michael Will You Fly With Me....

Michael Will You Fly With Me?
Will you take me in your arms and lift us off the ground?
Will you hear my happy laughter, a joyful carefree sound?
I see us running  into the sunlight hand in hand
coming to the edge of the mountain looking below
and as we near the edge we jump into the air and up we go!
We soar above the trees and we're cradled by the breeze!
A ray of sunlight washes over you and me
and my eyes have a new clarity as you hold me
so tight in your arms as we fly above the highest trees...
the love I feel for you is very real, but you're the only one who sees.
My heart grows feeble wings with every song you sing
your voice so clear that over my mind it rings
you sing of love and happy times that have come and gone
but do you know just how much I long
to hold you in my arms while you sing your magic song?
When we're flying over all the trees and high above the world
I feel like I'm the luckiest girl
because In my dreams you love me and I feel my heart soar
when I hear you say "I Love You More".
I want to give you love's true kiss
it's not just infatuation, this,
it's very real and very true,
for I have always loved you since I can remember
and I know you're Peter Pan in your heart,
so right off from the start,
I have one secret I will tell,
I'm your faithful Tinker Bell.
Michael Will You Fly With Me?
For I hope you feel my love when in your arms you hold me.
By Tami L. Cook...